Signature Treatments

All of our facials performed at our locations in Burlington and Montpelier utilize Dr. Hauschka skin care products and lymph stimulation and are completely customized for your skin.


Much more than a facial; from head to toe, receive an enveloping, sensory-rich experience that is transformative to the skin and the body's internal processes as well as the spirit.

Your treatment begins with the relaxation of a warm sage foot bath followed by a light application of rosemary leg toner and herbal foot cream. Gentle stretching movements relax the neck and arms as velvety moisturizers are rhythmically applied to the arms and hands.

Lavender aromatherapy compresses stimulate the cleansing process, followed by a double cleanse as the gentle exfolant is pressed and rolled into the skin in a rhythmic, wavelike motion. An herbal steam bath softens the pores, facilitating deep extractions and enabling the Cleansing Clay Mask to purify and absorb dead skin cells and oil. The skin has now been prepared for our patented Lymph Stimulation, the heart of our treatment. Soft brushes stimulate fluid flow in the connective tissue, giving a harmonizing and decongesting impulse to the skin. One of 7 customized skin conditioners is applied, followed by a nourishing mask. A décolleté / shoulder massage and lemon aromatherapy compresses on the back complete the treatment, and the skin is finished with day care products and light powder application. The results are a glowing complexion and a feeling of lightness and inner balance.

The Classic Treatment is the original treatment as designed alongside the products in 1967. Inclusive of all of the steps, it is appropriate for all skin types.

120 min - $155


One of our most popular treatments; appropriate for all skin conditions, especially mature.

Hand treatment, facial steam, and extractions are eliminated.

90 min - $125


The perfect choice for dry, sensitive skin or anyone who needs extra body work and nurturing.

Facial steam, extractions, and clay mask are eliminated.

75 min - $110


Great for deep cleansing of combination, oily, clogged, or blemished skin.

The hand treatment, nourishing treatment mask, and décolleté / shoulder massage are eliminated.

90 min - $125


For advanced acne only, with lots of time for extractions.

The foot bath and treatment, hand treatment, lymph stimulation and nourishing treatment mask are eliminated.

75 min - $115

Other Treatments


Our basic Dr. Hauschka facial includes deep cleansing, lymph stimulation, and mask application customized for your skin.

In addition, chose one of the following: deep pore extractions, second treatment mask, or décolleté / shoulder massage.

60 min - $85


Our mini facial with a peel provides cleansing, peel application, brief lymph stimulation, and customized mask for quick results.

45 min - $80


Due to overwhelming demand and unparalleled results, Holistica Facials, located in Montpelier and Burlington, offers peels in addition to Dr. Hauschka products. Alpha and beta hydroxy acid peels available in various levels utilize our strongest exfoliation to reveal new, fresh skin and erase sun damage, acne, and fine lines while increasing firmness and elasticity and allowing the Dr. Hauschka preparations to work at a deeper level.

Add to any treatment $20